Successful first year drives continued growth for Langmore Centre

Accessing mental health care services can be difficult for GPs and patients alike, so the opening of St John of God Langmore Centre in August 2022 was a welcome addition to the local south east Melbourne community. 

2 Aug 2023

Caregiver and patient with a coffee

The mental health hospital is keen to continue to improve referral pathways to ensure easier access processes for GPs and patients and is excited about the upcoming launch of the inpatient e-referral portal. Look out for more news in the weeks to come.As St John of God Langmore Centre celebrates its one year anniversary, it is timely to reflect on the success it’s had over the past 12 months in delivering care and highly effective treatment options to people with a mental health illness.Since welcoming patients in August last year, Langmore Centre has continued to grow with the establishment of a specialised private inpatient perinatal mental health unit - a first for the Casey-Cardinia region.

From birth to beyond

After comprehensive community consultation in 2019, a decision was made to relocate services from St John of God Pinelodge Clinic in Dandenong to Berwick meet the growing demand for mental health services in the Casey-Cardinia region.

Following a name change and an $18.2m  redevelopment of former Gibb Street site, the St John of God Langmore Centre opened its 60-bed mental health facility on August 3 last year to care for patients with a variety of mental health needs.

Specialising in treating conditions such as (but not limited to) drug and alcohol addiction, anxiety, depression, mood and personality disorders, OCD and PTSD, the Langmore Centre provides both inpatient and outpatient services designed to improve a patient’s overall wellbeing and quality of life.

First year growth

Less than six months after it opened, the Langmore Centre achieved another milestone, and a first for St John of God Health Care’s scope in Melbourne’s south east region, with the opening of its dedicated private perinatal mental health service. The eight-bed purpose built, self-contained area known as the Parent and Infant Unit, provides inpatient care and support to new or expectant parents experiencing depression, anxiety, stress, attachment difficulties, struggles with transitioning to parenthood and/or unresolved grief issues. 

Parent and infant unit with a patient and baby in the lounge area

The perinatal point of difference

St John of God Langmore Centre’s holistic approach to recovery enables mother, baby and support person to be together throughout the hospital stay. Having an opportunity to have a support person room-in enables a patient to focus more intently on their treatment, therapy and recovery.

It also provides the opportunity for parents to adjust to parenthood together, while providing practical and emotional support to each other.

The year ahead

While the success of Langmore Centre’s first year in operation is no surprise given the demand for mental health support that exists in this region, St John of God Health Care will continue to develop relationships with GPs, psychiatrists, other specialists and the community.

Over the next 12 months, St John of God Langmore Centre will be commencing more day programs in response to the growing demand, establish a community wellness program, introduce gardening as part of its therapeutic recovery options for inpatients.

Why choose St John of God Langmore Centre?

St John of God Langmore Centre takes a holistic approach to patient recovery addressing a patient’s mental health condition but their physical, emotional and spiritual needs as well.
Langmore Centre cares for people with:

  • alcohol and other drug addictions
  • depression
  • postnatal and antenatal anxiety and depression 
  • OCD
  • PTSD
  • psychotic disorders
  • anxiety
  • bipolar
  • mood disorders
  • personality disorders
  • other adult mental health conditions.

Treatment options include: Exterior of St John of God Langmore Centre

  • electroconvulsive therapy (ECT)
  • trauma counselling
  • rTMS (repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation)
  • mindfulness
  • psychotherapy
  • art and music therapy
  • exercise, health and wellness programs
  • specialised group therapy and day programs.

St John of God Langmore Centre specialises in the care of voluntary patients over the age of 18 years, providing greater access to mental health services for residents of Melbourne’s south east growth corridor and Gippsland.

To refer a patient to St John of God Langmore Centre, view the quick referral guide or contact the Intake Coordinator for Inpatient Admission, Day Programs and Outreach Visit:
Tel: 03 9773 7000
Email: [email protected].