Opportunities abound for Emily

For Emily, a newcomer to the profession of psychology, and St John of God Langmore Centre, the opportunity to learn from other experts in her field was a key factor in her decision to seek employment with St John of God Health Care.

18 Oct 2022

Having previously completed a seven-month clinical masters placement at St John of God Langmore Centre (previously known as St John of God Pinelodge Clinic), Emily was well aware of the calibre of caregivers and high standard of care delivered at this hospital. 

“Our team is full of so much experience,” explains Emily, adding that she doesn’t just learn from fellow psychologists but the hospital’s social workers, exercise physiologists and nurses to name a few. 

“There are so many people to learn from and everyone is so willing to help.”

The variety of disciplines employed across the hospital means Emily enjoys being able to provide holistic care to patients, as well as being able to work across a broad area of health care services. 

“Our colleagues get to work in our mental health space but they get to work in the medical space and physical rehab space also,” says Emily, highlighting the fact that St John of God Health Care has an acute care hospital also located in Berwick and a rehabilitation facility a short drive away in Frankston.

Having good management appeals to Emily as well. 

“I have incredible managers and leaders who notice when I’m over-extending myself before I do and then act on it for me,” Emily admits. 

“So not only do they point it out to me but then they ask me what I need and then make the changes – whether that be suggesting I use leave or making changes to my workload. That’s been incredibly helpful.”

The added bonus of working at St John of God Langmore Centre means Emily can live in Berwick and pursue her passion for playing hockey as well as frequent the mix of shops and restaurants located a short walk away on Berwick’s main street. 

“I play hockey so I love that I get to be a part of the community and meet people that way,” shares Emily.

“There’s so many amazing places to eat ─ we’ve got wonderful cafes, there’s greenery … so lots of lovely walks.”