Opportunities abound for Chapa

When you listen to Associate Nurse Unit Manager Chapa talk about her workplace at St John of God Langmore Centre, it’s clear that she derives a great deal of enjoyment from working with a team of fun-loving, nurturing and sociable caregivers.

18 Oct 2022


“We are very supportive of each other,” Chapa said, who has been with St John of God Health Care for seven years. 

“We make each other laugh. It’s really fun to work here.”

Known to socialise outside of work for trips to the beach, catch ups at a park or the odd night out to see a comedy show, Chapa believes that the workplace culture is by far one of the most appealing features of working at St John of God Langmore Centre, but it’s not the only one. 

Undergoing a Masters in Mental Health Nursing, Chapa said St John of God Health Care offers a lot of opportunities. 

“I get study days offered to me. I’ve had the opportunity to do different roles – like learning and development coordinator. I got promoted from registered nurse to associate unit nurse manager,” she said.

Chapa also cites salary packaging, flexible work hours and supportive managers as another reason to consider employment with St John of God Langmore Centre. 

The hospital’s location is equally a drawcard. 

“I like the fact that Berwick is not too far from the city and there’s great food around here,” she said.

“There’s live shows you can go to on weekends. There’s wineries. It’s quite an enjoyable community.”