Emergency Department wins wellbeing award

St John of God Midland Public Hospital’s Emergency Department has been acknowledged for its initiatives to support the wellbeing of its caregivers, after this week winning the Wellbeing Award by the Australian College for Emergency Medicine (ACEM).

ACEM ED award

 22 November 2018

St John of God Midland Public Hospital Chief Executive Officer Michael Hogan expressed delight that the Emergency Department (ED) won the award recognising the multidisciplinary team working across the busy department for its efforts to prioritise, promote and embrace wellness.

“With our ED seeing more than 71,180 patients each year we are one of the busiest EDs in Western Australia,” he said.

“The ED can be a high-pressure environment for our caregivers and the leadership team is passionate about supporting and promoting caregiver wellbeing.

“Our wellness program is having a positive impact on the morale of caregivers and the team is always on the lookout for new opportunities.”

Wellness initiatives include mentoring, social activities, feedback opportunities, a mindfulness corner, information, monthly art competition and fundraising activities as well as recognising and learning from excellence.

A weekly wellbeing newsletter, called 'Wellness Wednesday' is prepared by an ED consultant and sent to all ED caregivers.

The ACEM Wellness Award celebrates the initiatives of groups, individuals or whole emergency departments that have resulted in enhanced wellbeing for their colleagues.

It seeks to recognise the behaviour and activities of emergency department staff that help to support wellbeing in an emergency department.

Watch the award video

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