Almost 50 years of dedication

During October, St John of God Midland Public and Private Hospitals is celebrating significant length of service milestones for our dedicated caregivers as part of our Foundation Day celebrations. Of these caregivers, one is proudly celebrating almost 50 years of service: Maria Omar.

9 Oct 2023

Caregiver Maria Omar holding flowers with St John of God Midland Public and Private Hospitals CEO Paul Dyer.

Maria, a Patient Care Assistant, is a familiar smiling face on our maternity ward and kindly shared her story of providing almost 50 years of patient care.

"My job keeps me busy. On any given day, I check and tidy the pantry and make sure it is equipped with stock. I give jugs of water to the patients, answer the bells and serve breakfast/lunch/dinners to the patients. I also assist the nurses and send specimens to pathology, and pick up medication from the pharmacy, and often take the patients to radiology.

In my job, I enjoy close interaction with patients, meeting new people and working with wonderful, caring, staff. I often receive wonderful feedback from patients on how caring and supportive I am when they are in my care. This makes me keep wanting to work each day. I love what I do.

Things have definitely changed in the almost 50 years that I have been first with Swan Districts, and then St John of God Health Care. There have been new challenges, and there was a brand new chapter when the new hospital was built. Everything was new, new uniforms, new technology, new caregivers and caregivers who’d worked for St John of God Health Care and also Swan Districts. It was a very exciting time to be a part of. And things continue to change with new technology.

My job has also changed too. My journey started in 1973 when I arrived in Australia from Poland. The hospital was my first job in Australia. I started in the laundry folding linen, then moved to the kitchen followed by working on the maternity ward where I am today. I love the maternity ward. Working there I have much more contact with patients and often assist the nurses when required.

I just love recognising past patients and funnily enough, many patients have recognised me over the years. Many have now gone on to have families of their own at the hospital. Even my daughter was delivered at Swan Districts Hospital. It is very special to be on the maternity ward and to see familiar faces time and time again.

Moving forwards, I would like to continue to work in the maternity ward but may look into reducing my hours in the future. I really enjoy it”.

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