Hawkesbury Director of Nursing David Simmonds retires after 46 years of nursing

David Simmonds, who has been the Director of Nursing, Community and Midwifery at Hawkesbury District Health Service for the past five years, retires after more than 46 years as a nurse. 

8 Sep 2023

Picture of David Simmonds smiling.David, who has spent most of his nursing career in health facilities across Western Sydney, rates being able to make a real impact in the lives of others as one of his career highlights.   

“There are too many career highlights to choose just one but it is the human side of healthcare and the difference we can make as nurses in people’s lives, that resonates with me the most,” said David.

“Fostering a high performing healthcare culture with a focus on compassion and empathy is something that I have always been passionate about throughout my career."

In David’s time at Hawkesbury District Health Service, he provided leadership through multiple natural disasters including fires, floods and the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Being part of a team that had to rapidly transform in response to numerous natural disasters has been very rewarding,” said David.

“Continuity of care and making sure that we were there to serve our community was our main goal and as a team, we were able to overcome the challenges to deliver on this goal. 

“This not only makes me extremely proud but also speaks to the unique comradery at Hawkesbury District Health Service in which caregivers support each other and their community.

“Working at Hawkesbury, you feel like part of an extended family and this I will miss.” 

Hawkesbury District Health Service Chief Executive Officer, Strephon Billinghurst commended David’s leadership and contribution to the health service. 

“David’s dedication to developing and supporting our nursing caregivers has been extremely admirable and his ability to foster strong relations has earnt him respect amongst all our caregivers,” said Strephon.

“He has provided leadership through some incredibly difficult times we are grateful for his contribution.”