Allied health

Allied health care professionals work as a team to help you recover from injury, illness or surgery. 

Allied Health 

We recognise the importance of making sure your health care is planned around your individual health needs.  Our allied health teams play an important role in delivering this through our rehabilitation services.

Your rehabilitation is a partnership between you, your family and your health care team. Our Allied health care professionals will work with you to set goals for your recovery to help you return to health and independence as soon as possible after injury, illness or surgery. 

Allied health can help with:

  • disease prevention and control
  • helping you with nutritional health
  • helping you with physical and mental rehabilitation to help you get back to the best health possible.

Our allied health professionals may include:

  • physiotherapists
  • occupational therapists
  • social workers
  • dietitians
  • speech pathologists
  • podiatrists
  • music therapists
  • other health professionals.

Pain management program at Hawkesbury

Persistent pain can limit and affect your lifestyle, so much so, it can feel like the pain has taken control of your life. This can have a big impact on your emotional, physical and mental health.

If you suffer from persisting pain that has lasted over six months, our Community Chronic Pain Management Program can teach you skills and strategies to improve your quality of life and help you function despite the pain.

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