Our maternity services

Every baby’s birth is unique - our professional and compassionate team of caregivers are here to support you to meet your personal birthing care needs.  

Our public maternity unit delivers over 800 babies per year and offers you:

  • Exceptional pregnancy care (antenatal visits) with a specialist obstetrician or midwife, and referrals to other on-site specialists as required
  • a comfortable hospital stay in modern spacious facilities for you and your partner
  • breastfeeding support and education from our qualified and highly dedicated midwives and nurses
  • parent education classes covering your pregnancy, baby’s birth and beyond, as you transition into early childhood 
  • Neonatal special care for babies needing a little extra support
  • Midwifery@Home service for mothers and babies discharged early from hospital
  • mental health support through St John of God Raphael Services for parents and families affected by anxiety or depression during pregnancy and in the first few years following childbirth
  • access and referrals to a range of other support services – such as paediatric consultants, neonatal unit, physiotherapists, child health nurses, GP liaison, psychological and parenting support services.

For more information or to make an antenatal appointment at one of our clinics please contact:

Tel: (02) 4560 5672