Physiotherapy treats disease, injury or disorders using physical methods such as exercise and joint manipulation.

Physiotherapists are a key member of your health care team and play an important role in helping you regain movement and function so you can better manage day-to-day activities.

We take a whole-of-person approach to your health care, which includes developing individual health care plans. This brings together a team of health professionals to help you recover and reach your goals.

Our physiotherapists consider your physical and emotional needs when planning your care and involve you in setting rehabilitation goals.

We provide ongoing education and support for your effective recovery.

Hydrotherapy may be offered to you as part of your rehabilitation care plan, to help you on your way to recovery. You may need medical approval from your doctor to access hydrotherapy services.

Physiotherapy as part of your rehabilitation

Your physiotherapist works with you to help you move more freely and reduce pain.

This may include:

  • individual and group exercise and education programs
  • joint and soft tissue manipulation and mobilisation
  • helping you use any walking aids correctly, such as a walking stick, crutches or a wheelchair
  • helping you use your muscles correctly to improve control
  • hydrotherapy classes to ease any pressure on your joints and muscles. 
For referrals or to contact the physiotherapy department directly, please email: [email protected]

Pain management program at Hawkesbury

Persistent pain can limit and affect your lifestyle, so much so, it can feel like the pain has taken control of your life. This can have a big impact on your emotional, physical and mental health.

If you suffer from persisting pain that has lasted over six months, our Community Chronic Pain Management Program can teach you skills and strategies to improve your quality of life and help you function despite the pain.

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