It’s Palliative Care Week. Connect with people at the heart of palliative care

Meet our palliative care Clinical Nurse Dana Cederman.

23 May 2024

Image of St John of God Bunbury Hospital Clinical Nurse Dana Cederman

Dana started working on the palliative care ward, Granada, at St John of God Bunbury Hospital 12 years ago. 

“I completed a graduate nurse program in 2014 which saw me work throughout different areas in the hospital, however Granada ‘called me home’,” she said.

The people at the heart of palliative care are the incredible multidisciplinary team that work collaboratively to provide our patients, their families and carers with the treatment and support needed to make this journey more comfortable.

Dana said that being referred to our service isn’t something to fear.

“Early referral to palliative care can often prolong life and supports a better quality of life. 

“We provide a welcoming environment, with homely facilities and encourage families and friends to spend precious time with our patients,” Dana said.

“We allow beloved pets to visit and have beautiful gardens surrounding [the ward] rooms. 

“Ultimately we are here to make the end of your journey a comfortable one.”

Dana loves being able to make a difference to a patient’s journey.

“I don’t work in this area for the accolades, or the praise,” Dana said.

“I feel this was my calling and I’m proud to call myself a Palliative Care Nurse.”