Meet Bunbury palliative caregiver - Dr Hildah Locke

This year the theme for Palliative Care Week 2024 is ‘connect with people at the heart of palliative care’.

23 May 2024

Image of Hildah Lock caregiver from St John of God Bunbury Hospital

Hildah believes that one of the common misconceptions around palliative care is that they only look after people who are dying when in fact palliative care is all about the living.

Hildah has been working in the palliative care space for more than seven years. 

Hildah explained that she will be caring for some of her patients for many years. 

“It’s about providing the best possible care for your patient in the final years of their life,” Hildah said.

“It’s not dark or depressing it’s actually about living positively.”

She says she enjoys working with the incredible team of caregivers that work in the palliative care space at St John of God Bunbury Hospital. This includes a diverse range of caregivers from Allied Health, pastoral care, nurses and doctors. These caregivers are willing to think outside the box and push the boundaries to provide patients with the best possible care.

“What is important is the patients drive the care that they receive,” she said.

This is why Hildah talks to her patients about what is important to them as a person and how she can help them achieve their goals.

Hildah is incredibly passionate about palliative care.

Growing up she said it wasn’t taboo for her family to talk about death by being open about what you wanted. She says talking about death, funerals and end of life care can help take away the fear that surrounds death.

“I think working in palliative care was what I was meant to do,” she said.

“I love coming to work and enjoy building relationships with my patients – that is sacred."

“I believe palliative care is providing true patient centred care – it’s always about what the patient wants and what is best for them.”