Meet our palliative care nurse Kate Wilson

Meet St John of God Bunbury Hospital Clinical Nurse Kate Wilson who works on our palliative care unit, known as Granada Ward, and what inspired her career change to work health care.

30 Jun 2022

Palliative care nurse Kate Wilson 

Why did you choose to become a nurse?

I was looking around for a new career later in life and I though nursing was something I would do and enjoy doing. I decided to explore it and the more I experienced as a nurse, the more I liked it.
It was also a career that I thought I could travel with throughout the world which really appealed to me.

What do you enjoy about palliative care nursing?

I’ve worked in palliative care nursing for my whole career.
Palliative care nursing is very holistic. 
I love the fact that we look at the whole person and include their family as well, so we provide family centred care which I love.

Why did you choose to work at St John of God Bunbury Hospital?

I did some practicum placements here and I really enjoyed it.
I found everyone really supportive, friendly and welcoming, so it made sense to apply for a job here.

How would you describe the working environment?

It is busy and changes quite quickly. I think it is probably faster paced than people might anticipate, but again, it is a supportive environment.
There is also an element of fun to be had and there is always something new to learn.

What would you say to someone considering becoming a palliative care nurse?

Just do it. You never know until you try.
I think, particularly when you are coming to nursing later in life, there are so many life skills you can bring so you offer a really rounded perspective when caring for patients and families.

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