Making a referral

Referrals are encouraged to assist us to tailor care for your patient or client but are not required to access our services. 

To submit a referral please download a copy of our referral form and return to us by fax to (08) 6266 3743

To follow up on the care of your patient or client, please call us on 1800 161 178 to speak with the case manager. 

Eligibility and accessibility

Midland Head to Health is a walk in centre. Our services are available every day of the year to all adults (over 18) experiencing mild to moderate mental health concerns, as well as their family members, carers and friends. 

Our approach

Providing the best service and support to everyone who visits the centre is the focus of every caregiver at Midland Head to Health.

Clients will, as much as possible, receive services from the same clinician on each visit to ensure continuity of care. 

We offer a multidisciplinary team as well as a clinician who specialises in treatment services for alcohol and other drugs, and can connect clients with additional services if required.

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