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St John of God Raphael Centres

St John of God Raphael Centres provide services to parents and families affected by anxiety, stress, or depression during pregnancy and following childbirth.

Building on St John of God Health Care’s expertise in maternity services and an ongoing commitment to the best care for babies and families, Raphael Centres offer mental health care to families from conception until the child is four years of age. Staffed by mental health clinicians, Raphael Centres provide a range of specialised services for individuals and families where the parent is experiencing a mental health disorder or where there are parent-infant relationship issues.

Raphael Centres welcome clients from all communities and all cultural backgrounds. Our services are available free of charge or at minimal cost as part of St John of God Health Care's commitment to Social Outreach.

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Reaching out to families in need - Raphael Centres

Spotlight on St John of God Raphael Centres

  • Help is at hand

    Raphael Centre

    If you are feeling anxious or depressed before or after the birth of your baby it may feel difficult to ask for help. Our friendly staff are available to give you the support you need.

    More about our services.

  • Accessing services

    SOA Early Years

    Every community is different and each Raphael Centre aims to respond to the needs of people in the most appropriate way. Referrals can be made in different ways – contact your local service to access help. Locations..

  • A healthy start


    Raphael Centres help you and your baby have the healthiest possible start in life. We aim to enhance social and emotional wellbeing, and support parents in their relationship with each other and their baby. Reasons to seek help.