Oncology clinical trials at Subiaco

Clinical trials are research studies that patients volunteer to participate in to tests new and potentially better ways of improving patient health and wellbeing. These studies aim to investigate new treatments, interventions or tests to help prevent, detect, treat or manage a disease or medical condition.

The research outcomes may help determine if a treatment is effective, safe and/or how it compares to existing interventions.

Our current suite of clinical trials are available for patients with cancers including breast, lung, oesophageal, urothelial, colorectal, pancreatic and ovarian cancer.

We as a unit, work closely with medical oncologists who identify suitable patients who, through consultation can choose to participate in a clinical trial where the potential to receive a new treatment option is added to existing standard of care practice.

Clinical trials often involve the random allocation of participants to a treatment group that may include either the standard of care treatment plus the new treatment, or the standard of care treatment plus placebo (“dummy medication”). 

If a patient is suitable to participate in a study, they will undergo screening procedures and commit to routine visits at the Bendat Family Comprehensive Cancer Centre for assessment, treatment and monitoring.

  • Cancer is the leading cause of death in Australia, with about 1 in 2 Australian men and 1 in 3 Australian women will be diagnosed with cancer in their life.
  • Clinical trials play an essential role in discovering new and more effective treatments for cancer.
  • Our oncology clinical trials focus on improving care for some of the most common cancers including breast, colorectal, pancreatic, lung, oesophageal, urothelial and ovarian cancer.
  • Outstanding research-based health care is provided to all participants involved in clinical trials and we offer comprehensive and integrated evidence-based treatment options.
  • Since 2001 the Oncology Clinical Trial Unit at St John of God Subiaco Hospital in collaboration with Cancer Council WA has focused on providing different treatment options, in addition to the standard of care, for people with a wide variety of cancers.
  • We are committed to ensuring our research provides opportunities and support for patients undergoing treatment for their cancer that may otherwise not be available in a non-clinical trial setting. Additionally results from these studies will inform future bedside care and hopefully improve patient outcomes. This focus has helped us become one of Australia’s top research institutes.

We currently have a range of clinical trials open for recruitment. Please see below. Please contact the Oncology Clinical Trial Unit if there are any specific areas of interest that are not listed, as we are continually opening new clinical trials that may not be included in this list.

Breast cancer clinical trials


Principal Investigator: Winthrop Professor Christobel Saunders
Date of project commencement: 9 March 2015
Date of estimated completion of recruitment: 31 December 2018
A study evaluating the pregnancy outcomes and safety of interrupting endocrine therapy for young women with endocrine responsive breast cancer who desire pregnancy. http://wacancertrials.com.au/#/clinicalTrials/view/-JnsydDFIYO9x9z1dgcS

Colorectal cancer clinical trials


Principal Investigator: Dr Tom Van Hagen
Date of project commencement: 11 August 2014
Date of estimated completion of recruitment: TBC
An international, multicentre, double blind, randomised placebo controlled phase III trial of aspirin for Dukes C and high risk Dukes B colorectal cancers. http://wacancertrials.com.au/#/clinicalTrials/view/-JlB53x44hZme5714nSM 

Gynaecological cancer clinical trials


Principle Investigator: Dr Paul Cohen
Date of project commencement: 13 November 2015
Date of estimated completion of recruitment: 30 June 2018
A phase II randomized clinical trial of Mirena® ± Metformin ± weight loss intervention in patients with early stage cancer of the endometrium.

St John of God Subiaco Hospital
Bendat Family Comprehensive Cancer Centre

Contact details
Phone: (08) 6465 9204
Email: ClinicalTrials.Subiaco@sjog.org.au


Research Operations Manager 
Dino Cercarelli

Project Manager – Clinical Trials Safety and Compliance 
Catherine May
Project Manager – Clinical Trials Development
Dr Joanne Youd

Senior Clinical Trial Coordinator & Data Management Officer
Skye Ridley
Angela Baird

Clinical Trial Coordinator & Data Management Officers
Kathryn Jajko
Amanda Taylor
Luke Hanrahan
Laura Debry
Martha Jaworski
Rebecca Weselman
Taryn Quartermaine

Research Assistant
Grace Till

Administration Assistant
Rebecca Groom

Research Officers
Niloufer Johansen (Breast)
Stephanie Jeffares (Gynaecology Oncology)

Medical/Surgical Oncologists
Dr Andrew Dean
Dr Martin Buck
Dr Daphne Tsoi
Dr Thomas Van Hagen
Dr Ru-Wen Teh
Dr Tim Clay
Dr Tarek Meniawy
Prof Christobel Saunders
Dr Paul Cohen

Medical Registrar – Oncology
Dr Dominic Higgs

Dr Randall Oates
Dr Sirisha Madhala

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