• Over 158,604 patients were admitted to Intensive Care Units in Australia in 2017/2018. 
  • The St John of God Subiaco Hospital ICU is one of the busiest private ICUs in Australia and cares for some of the sickest patients in hospital. St John of God Healthcare Subiaco admitted 1,586 adult patients to the Intensive Care Unit 2018/2019.
  • Our clinical research has the potential for broad benefits, while at the same time, focuses on issues of particular importance to patients treated at our hospital. 
  • Current examples of specific research activity include improving sleep and investigating the effect of admission time to ICU after major surgery. 
The focus has been on particular areas of interest and expertise including the use of clinical quality registry data to investigate the processes and outcomes associated with bariatric surgery, delivering the highest quality care to patients undergoing cardiothoracic surgery, support of the next of kin of patients admitted to the ICU, and the importance of sleep in recovery from critical illness.
Consultant Intensivists
A/Professor Kwok Ho

Research Fellow and Consultant

Dr Ed Litton

Head of Department ICU and Consultant Intensivist
Dr David Morgan

Director of Clinical Trials St John of God Healthcare Subiaco and Consultant Intensivist
Professor Steve Webb

Research Officers
Janet Ferrier
Lesley Kemp
Marlene Kolybaba
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