• 1 in 8 Australian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer before the age of 85. Over 15,000 women per year.
  • 150 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer every year.
  • Survival rates for this disease continue to improve – with research supporting early detection and better treatment.
  • Medical and surgical oncology clinical trials - both locally initiated studies and national and international trials. These trials examine aspects of breast cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatments, post treatment, survivorship, fertility, end of life care, drugs development, and translation of research into practice.
  • Supportive care research - such as exercise intervention and enabling young breast cancer survivors to start families.
  • Health services research that can help deliver more equitable and effective cancer care to Western Australians.
  • Translational research made possible by our comprehensive breast cancer research data bank, known as a biobank. We undertake this research in collaboration with national and international researchers.
Director Breast Cancer Research Unit and Surgical Oncologist
Prof Christobel Saunders

Medical Oncologists
Dr Daphne Tsoi
Dr Andrew Dean
Dr Ru-Wen Teh
Dr Tim Clay

Breast Surgeons/Senior Clinical Lecturers
Dr Lee Jackson
De Wen Chan Yeow

Dr Bridget Cooke

Clinical Coordinator
Dr Niloufer Johansen 

Below is a select list of our publications.

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