Post-acute care

Post-acute care is support that helps you maintain your health after a stay in hospital. 

 Nursing taking heartbeat

It could include assistance with managing your condition in your home, or support with certain aspects of your recovery or treatment.

We offer a range of post-acute care services that help you transition from hospital to home, return to full health and avoid unexpected readmission to hospital.

Our post-acute care service

Some of the services we offer through post-acute care include:

  • wound care – monitoring wound healing and attending to wound care and dressings
  • medication management – administration of medication or education on how to self-administer
  • personal care – assistance with showering and dressing while recovering from surgery.

Accessing our post-acute care services

You need a referral from a hospital to access our post-acute care services. They will generally fill in the referral form and organise for you to have the services provided once you are discharged home.

Normally, we see patients for a short period of time and we liaise with your referring hospital if you need long term support to manage your condition or treatment.