Joji's admirable career progression in theatres

Coming to Australia from the UK was a huge move for St John of God Subiaco Hospital nurse Joji, however it was a decision he wouldn’t regret.

5 Oct 2022

“Coming from Manchester, I saw a total warmness from everyone when I moved to Perth and especially joining St John of God Subiaco Hospital,” he said.

“I have worked in various other places in Perth but since starting here I haven’t wanted to leave because I love the working environment, the support and the expertise available here. 

“The support you get at this hospital is exceptional.”

Starting out as a registered anaesthetic nurse, Joji’s career flourished in a matter of years when he joined the hospital’s new cardiothoracic specialty team. 

“It’s coming up to our 10 year anniversary of cardiothoracic surgery on October 18 and like me, many of us have been here since the beginning,” he said.

“I think that really says a lot about the employee retention at our hospital.”

Moving into the cardiac team in 2012 as a clinical nurse doing cardiothoracic and coordinating anaesthetics in theatres, the position for clinical nurse manager of anaesthetics arose in 2021.

Joji was interested in the role, and due to having a wide range of experience from back in the UK and great support from St John of God Subiaco Hospital, he was successful. 

“Now I am a nurse service manager for procedural services thanks to St John of God Subiaco Hospital’s amazing career development opportunities,” he said.

“Whenever I need support, it’s always just around the corner.”

When asked about the training opportunities he had been provided at the hospital, Joji commented on its excellence, saying how well supported he was in every aspect of learning. 

“In terms of various specialities like cardiothoracic, neurosurgery, neurology – you name it, we have it.

“We have the robotic experts here and we perform many robotic procedures and we receive extensive training to support our practice.

 “We also have experts everywhere to train you in anything that you wish to do.” 

When asked what he loved about working at St John of God Subiaco Hospital, he said that he admired the fact that all caregivers seemed to put a lot of importance on the hospital’s core values.

“Everyone practices these on a daily basis, which really shines through our caregivers,” he said.

“Caregivers who leave often want to come back here only months later, realising how amazing our hospital is in terms of looking after and retaining our staff.”

Joji said moving to St John of God Subiaco Hospital in Perth, Western Australia from Manchester was like moving into a home away from home.

“I don’t miss my home much as this hospital really does feel like my home,” he said.

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