Innovative orthopaedic surgeon joins the hospital

Cutting edge joint replacement surgeon Dr Lachlan Milne, has joined the hospital providing treatment options and expertise not widely available in Perth.

St John of God Subiaco Hospital 

2 October 2017

Dr Milne specialises in anterior approach hip replacement and managing the young adult with hip pain, providing both operative and non-operative treatments.

Dr Milne uses the anterior approach hip replacement method due to the significant patient benefits.

“The biggest advantage of the anterior approach is the recovery time. Patients are generally more mobile earlier, returning to work and driving sooner and have fewer restrictions over the first six weeks.  Rarely do my patients spend more than one or two nights in hospital,” Dr Milne said.

Other benefits of the anterior include a lower risk of dislocation or leg length discrepancy, as the supine position allows the use of intraoperative imaging for accurate positioning of components. The procedure is also performed through a cosmetic scar hidden in the bikini line.

Dr Milne also has an interest in preserving the native hip joint in younger adults who wish to avoid having a hip replacement.  It is often possible to avoid surgery by using a combination of non-operative treatments which include anti-inflammatory medication, injections and tailored physiotherapy and rehabilitation programs.  

Operative 'hip joint preservation' techniques offered for patients who fail conservative treatments include hip arthroscopy and periacetabular osteotomy. The understanding of the pathology seen in this area of orthopaedic surgery is rapidly improving and treatments evolving.

“I offer a complete range of treatment options for the young adult with hip pain. By being a joint replacement surgeon, it allows me to give a balanced opinion about whether the patient is better to attempt joint preservation, or to wait and have a hip replacement when symptoms warrant it instead.”

“Hip preservation patients can be very difficult to manage because often they have a significant delay in diagnosis or a failed prior treatment. Diagnosis can be delayed due to a failure to recognise the clinical signs and radiological features of some of the mechanical causes of hip pain. Treatment, however, is generally very successful in resolving pain, once the correct diagnosis is made,” Dr Milne said.

Other areas of special interest for Dr Milne include sports knee and knee replacement surgery and orthopaedic trauma.

Dr Milne prides himself on providing a patient-centred approach, aimed at long-term symptom resolution, be it by non-operative or surgical management.  He is readily available to provide GPs with timely advice regarding hip and knee problems, or orthopaedic trauma. 

Education and training

Dr Milne graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Sydney before moving to Perth to complete his orthopaedic specialist training.  He then undertook a year in Melbourne focused on hip preservation surgery and anterior hip replacement with Australia’s leading hip preservation specialist Dr Jit Balakumar. 

This was followed by six months on fellowship in London with sports knee surgeon, Dr Andy Williams, and then three months in Switzerland, where he worked with the world’s preeminent hip preservation surgeon, Professor Reinhold Ganz. 

As a twice-Australian Olympian, Dr Milne understands what is required to make it in elite sport.  He has worked extensively with elite surgeons, sports physicians and physiotherapists and has the experience and expertise to manage complex hip and knee problems in both the elite and aspiring athlete.  

Dr Milne holds public appointments at Sir Charles Gairdner, Princess Margaret and Osborne Park hospitals, where he provides patient care and teaches the next generation of surgeons. 

Referral details

Tel: (08) 6150 8379
Fax: (08) 6280 1291
Address: Specialist Orthopaedics, 39/85 Monash Road, Nedlands
Healthlink ID:orthodr