Expanding support for PTSD

A new free support service run by St John of God Richmond Hospital for people experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in Orange servicing the Central West region of NSW started in August 2018.

16 Jul 2018

 PTSD services in Orange

Clinical Nurse Consultant – Trauma, Melanie Yates who runs the service says they have found that many veterans with PTSD, once discharged from the defence forces gravitate to regional areas where services offered are often minimal.

"Unfortunately a lot of these veterans fail to engage with any treatment service at all," Melanie said.

"First responders have an even harder time accessing support services which, for some services, simply don’t exist.

"To service this need, we have started a monthly PTSD support group in Orange in the Central West of NSW.

"This is within driving distance of many central western towns and provides support to a large population who currently have none."

About the PTSD support service

The aims of this support group are to:

  • Provide a point of contact and socialisation for people suffering from PTSD as a result of workplace trauma
  • Provide ongoing support to clients who have had an admission to an inpatient service for PTSD
  • Provide a pathway for participants who may need referring to treatment services
  • Provide a safe environment for participants to share their struggles and receive validation and constructive feedback from the group
  • Engage with people who are hesitant to seek formal treatment

Participants are given the opportunity to “check in” with the group to discuss current issues or struggles rather than engaging in formal therapy.

Psychoeducation may take place if time permits. 

The monthly group meets on the second Wednesday of the month, 10am to 1pm at Legacy House, 58 McNamara Street, Orange. 

A new support group for family members or people who support those who have suffered adult, work-related trauma meets on the second Tuesday of the month, 6:30pm to 9pm at Legacy House, 58 McNamara Street, Orange.

Accessing the support service

For more information about the groups please contact Melanie on 02 45706100 or fill in the enquiry form below.