Quality of care

At St John of God Richmond Hospital our number one priority is to provide high quality care for our inpatients staying in the hospital and outpatients accessing care through our Counselling and Therapy Centre.

We measure and report our performance across all aspects of our mental health services and we share this information to help you make informed decisions about your choice of care. These are our results for the period 1 July 2018 to 30 March 2019.

These results include evaluation of:

  • Patient satisfaction and experience
  • Clinical care

Patient satisfaction and experience

We focus on listening and responding to the needs of our patients at St John of God Richmond Hospital.

Patients share their hospital experience through Patient Experience (PEx) surveys, completed by when they discharge as an inpatient, or finish an outpatient program.

PEx survey results provide insights into how well we meet our patients’ expectations of care and enables us to make improvements wherever necessary.

Patient experience

  • 91% of inpatients and 97% of outpatients rate our quality of care as excellent

Patient satisfaction

  • 92% of inpatients and 98% of outpatients would recommend our hospital to family or friends
  • 78% of inpatients say their sense of wellbeing improved after treatment

Clinical care

Our patients at St John of God Richmond Hospital also rate our clinical care, including the effectiveness of their treatment program and our caregiver support.

Treatment program

  • 84% of inpatients and 81% of outpatients say their treatment plan met their needs
  • 93% of inpatients and 92% of outpatients say they were involved in decisions about their care and treatment

Caregiver support

All of our caregivers strive to offer an environment at St John of God Richmond Hospital where our patients feel safe, secure and welcome at all times. Our multidisciplinary teams work closely with each other to support our patients who often have complex needs.

  • 96% of inpatients and 100% of outpatients felt welcome at our hospital
  • 90% of inpatients said our caregivers worked well as a team in providing care and treatment

St John of God Health Care overall quality of care results

You can also see the organisation-wide quality of care results, which includes measures on accreditation, infections, patient falls and pressure injuries.