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Consumer engagement

Our Consumer/Carer Representative advocates for the interests and perspectives of our patients.

Caregivers speaking to each other

The role is held by a community representative who has an understanding of mental health and alcohol and other drugs issues through personal experience or as a carer and is committed to the support of patients and their families.

The role of the Consumer/Carer Representative is to:

  • work with people who attend St John of God Pinelodge Clinic
  • inform patients and carers of issues that may affect them and promote knowledge and understanding of patients’ rights, responsibilities and privacy
  • support patients, their family members and carers with information and contact details to access external services that will aid in the patients recovery
  • encourage patients to share their opinions and experiences about our programs and respond to feedback
  • represent patients and carers interests in the planning, delivery and evaluation of the services offered at St John of God Pinelodge Clinic
  • make recommendations to the hospital management committee on matters affecting patients
  • remain up-to-date with best practice methods in the area of consumer participation and mental health standards.

If you are interested in information about our Consumer/Carer Representative speak to our Director of Mission.

Tel: (03) 8793 9444.