Time to shine

If you’re looking to re-start your nursing future after a family break or time in another career, please consider our hospital’s options to support you to become re-registered and ward-ready.

Now it’s your time to shine.

We are currently welcoming past nurses that are interested in re-registering with AHPRA and considering re-entry nursing pathways at Murdoch. 

St John of God Murdoch is the premier private hospital in the Perth southern metro area and a great place to restart your nursing career.

Our hospital offers placement in a variety of specialised wards and services, including perioperative, ICU / CCU, Emergency, Cancer services, paediatrics and maternity. We also have a dedicated pool of casual nurses if you want something more flexible. 

What’s life like as a nurse at Murdoch? See our Heart of Murdoch page, dedicated to our nursing recruitment. 

Please see below for a detailed process of re-registration. 

Applications now open

We are currently accepting interest from previously Enrolled & Registered Nurses who are interested in regaining their registration. 

See our other job listings or visit Working with us for more information about working at St John of God Health Care.

For a confidential and informal chat with us or a walk through our facilities, please contact:

Sarah-Jayne Powell, Director of Nursing
Tel:  (08) 9428 9966
Email: [email protected]

The process of re-registration

Firstly, you’ll need to apply to APHRA to gain your provisional registration. Please note, that certain criteria are imposed upon this provisional approval. 

You will be required to undertake three months of supervised practice (of no less than 450 hours) within six months from the date of registration under the supervision of a registered nurse who has a minimum of 24 months full-time experience and no conditions on their registration.

That’s where we come in!

  • After your successful interview at St John of God Murdoch Hospital, you will undertake supervised practice under direct supervision (level 1) for a minimum of the first two (2) weeks or equivalent 75 hours of practice before progressing to indirect supervision (level 2).

  • You’ll then complete a formative assessment by the principal supervisor that assesses your performance against the National Competency Standards for the Registered Nurse prior to progressing to indirect supervision (level 2). 

  • Provide the formative assessment report signed by your principal supervisor to the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) by no later than one (1) month after commencement of their supervised practice period and then at three-monthly intervals. You cannot engage with an employment agency for the purpose of nurse supervised practice. The NMBA does not allow private practice and practice outside these parameters.

  • Enter into a supervision agreement before your supervision commences and provide the NMBA with a copy of the supervision agreement and these conditions signed by your employer within seven (7) days of commencing supervision. You must also show a copy of these conditions to any future employer and will provide to the NMBA a copy of these conditions signed by the future employer before starting any new employment. 

  • The Supervisor agreement outlines that the caregivers who supervise would need to have at least 24 months experience and be willing to complete the practice plan, formative and summative report so that the Provisionally Registered Nurse is able to submit the documents to APHRA in the appropriate time.

  • The nurse will provide a supervised practice plan signed by the principal supervisor and co-supervisors within 14 days of starting a period of supervised practice for approval by the NMBA or its delegate.

  • The nurse must arrange for completion of a summative assessment by the principal supervisor that assesses the nurse’s performance against the National Competency Standards for the Registered nurse. The nurse must provide the assessment report signed by their principal supervisor and Manager/Director of Nursing or equivalent to the NMBA within 14 days of completing supervised practice.

  • In the event that the nurse changes employer, principal supervisor or practice location you must notify the NMBA of the future details before changes are implemented. 

  • The nurse authorises the NMBA and its delegate to communicate with current and future employers and supervisors in relation to work performance, compliance with these conditions and how these conditions will be accommodated in the workplace. 

  • All costs related to these conditions are the responsibility of the nurse.

Enrolled nurses and midwives have separate templates that are located on the AHPRA website.

Fiona’s re-entry to nursing story

St John of God Murdoch Hospital supported Fiona in her re-entry to nursing

I originally left nursing to focus on the three cafes I owned at Curtin University, which have since been sold. Over my years off nursing I also owned cafes at Edith Cowan University in Joondalup, all while having two boys who are now 18 and 21. 
When I went to renew my nursing registration, I found out that the deadline had been missed, meaning I was now unregistered. I decided to reach out to Murdoch because it’s where I completed my graduate program in 1998 and had worked previously for years.

After making contact with nursing executives, Murdoch was supportive in getting me back on the ward and enabled me to grow my skills in new areas. I was given the opportunity to go into palliative care which is where I found my passion.

Doing the required hours was worth it, to become more experienced in an area of nursing I hadn’t previously experienced as well as becoming re-registered with AHPRA. 

I realised over time, that to me, Murdoch has always felt like home.

I have had some amazing managers and colleagues who I have gone on my nursing journey with and have always loved that part of the hospital. If you give the opportunities to people to grow and become more experienced, it’ll benefit both the hospital and caregivers in the long run.

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