Transition to parenting and mental health - patient seminar

St John of God Murdoch presents a special patient seminar to support the mental health of new parents and help the transition to parenting.

9 Sep 2021

The transition to parenthood is not for the faint-hearted.  Parents face multiple stressors simultaneously whilst trying to figure out how to keep a little human alive and happy.

The practical demands and financial pressures that accompany parenthood can also put unexpected stress on families at this crucial time, creating cycles of doubt, isolation, anxiety and depression.

We are pleased to be able to facilitate this presentation to provide an exploration of the transition to parenthood, mental health issues commonly experienced in the perinatal period, including risk factors. We will then discuss the importance of mental health wellbeing, the relationships and family support systems and where to get help. Common post natal presentations, some practical strategies for managing post birth and some realities from our women's perspectives will also be covered.


Invites have been sent to new parents from St Marys ward.