Luxury treatment on St Mary's maternity ward

After the birth of a baby, simple tasks like getting to the hairdresser can become a real luxury.

14 Jun 2021

(Pictured: new mum Esther and baby Emilia)

Mums on St John of God Murdoch Hospital's St Mary’s maternity ward are currently being offered a wash, blow dry and hair styling the day before discharge. 

This service has been introduced as a way to give new mothers a moment to be pampered and feel refreshed before they head home the next day.

New mum Esther was the first patient to have a wash and blow dry and said she was grateful to be offered a luxurious service while in hospital. 

"The offer of a wash, blow dry and style after giving birth was really lovely. I really appreciated having a luxury treatment that you usually have a pay extra for. The hairdresser was very accommodating, happy to do what we wanted and had product to suit all hair types," Esther said. 

This service is currently rolling out as a trial with opportunity to expand and continue in the future.