Room service rolls out at Murdoch

The Murdoch food service model has now changed to a room service style menu across all inpatient wards.

Room service


Our room service model has been introduced to all inpatients (those staying overnight) including maternity. If you have an overnight stay planned with us, you will be able to order your food from our delicious room service menu. 

This means meals, snacks and beverages are delivered on demand at a time that suits you and the best thing is that all catering is covered with your hospital fee (this also applies to paying boarders).

Some of our menu options include made-to-order noodle bowls, fresh salads, a range of pasta, burgers, grilled fish and classic mains. See below to download our full menu.

At your request

Any item on our room service menu is available to order between 6.30am and 8.00pm. 

We know that while you are in hospital, meals are an important part of your stay and recovery. We also know that you may feel hungry outside of typical meal times, so we have changed our food service to meet your needs.

You can simply order what your like with our room service menu, and your meal and snacks will be freshly prepared and delivered to your room.


Please don’t forget to order your morning tea, afternoon tea and any snacks in between, including hot or cold beverages.  Cheese plates, cakes, cheeky potato wedges or even a smoothie are yours with just a phone call. 

Special diets

Vegan, GF, allergy aware, kosher and clinically required diets are all taken care of; our menu office will be able to advise you of suitable menu items for your special dietary requirements and will assist you in making appropriate menu choices. 

If you have a food allergy, our menu office will be able to advise you of suitable items; please ensure that catering and nursing caregivers are aware of your allergy. If you have a dislike or an intolerance to a particular food item, please advise the menu office when ordering and we can inform you if the ingredient is in the dish.

Please be advised that room service is available to inpatients (ie overnight) and paying boarders only. Room service is not offered with day procedures.

View our menus

Want to plan your meals before your stay? Check out what's on offer:

View our Room Service Menu.
View our Texture Modified Room Service Menu.

Room service anniversary

We recently celebrated the first year of room service at Murdoch.

Find out more.

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