Christmas giving at St John of God Mt Lawley Hospital

St John of God Mt Lawley Hospital caregivers are known for their community spirit and this Christmas was no different.

18 Jan 2023

Caregivers raised over $800 to donate a pamper day to the seven young mums living at St John of God Horizon HousePerson getting their nails painted

The Horizon House Young Mother and Baby Program provides accommodation and support to vulnerable young mothers aged 16 to 22.

Kristy Geuer Support Coordinator of the Young Mother and Baby Program said the average age of the Horizon House clients is currently 17 and most of their babies are three months or younger. 

“All of the Horizon House mums come from different backgrounds but have one thing in common – they have experienced significant trauma in their lives.”

“These young people spend so much of their time and energy changing their lives to be the best parents they can be, and it is inspiring to watch and assist,” she said.

Person holding a small child whilst receiving a pedicure“But sometimes, we worry that they miss out on some of the experiences the rest of us take for granted as teenagers, which is why we wanted to pamper them this Christmas.”

St John of God Mt Lawley Hospital Director of Nursing and Midwifery, Emma Cook said St John of God Mt Lawley Hospital has a long history of supporting Horizon House.

“Christmas is a time for us to give thanks and think about others in our community. It was beautiful to witness our Values in action and our Catholic mission shining through,” Emma said.