From the UK to Perth seeking a family friendly midwifery role

Clinical midwife Jenna moved from the United Kingdom to Perth, Australia seeking a family-friendly midwifery role that would allow her to spend more time with her children and enjoy everyday moments, like school drop off and pick up.

13 Oct 2022

St John of God Mt Lawley Hospital offered that.

“I had a few shifts here as an agency midwife and loved it. When a permanent position was available, I jumped at it,” Jenna said.

“Coming from the UK, the transition from the NHS to a private hospital model of care was quite different.”

“I was worried that as a midwife, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to be as involved in the births, but the obstetricians at St John of God Mt Lawley Hospital are really collaborative and midwives play a significant role in the birth suite.”

“One thing I particularly appreciate is the longer length of stay, which allows us to provide better care for our maternity patients and their families.”

“And most importantly, the lifestyle in Perth is really family friendly. I would strongly recommend making the move,” she said.

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