New uniforms support patient care

Nursing caregivers at St John of God Mt Lawley Hospital will start looking a little different thanks to the roll-out of a new scrub-type uniform.

5 Oct 2021

Seven nursing caregivers standing on stairs at the main entrance of St John of God Mt Lawley Hospital wearing new navy blue scrub uniforms.

Commencing in October 2021 with caregivers from the Family Birthing Unit, the uniforms will be available to the majority of nursing and midwifery caregivers by the middle of 2022.

Director of Nursing and Midwifery Vanessa Unwin lead the implementation that aimed to ensure caregivers had a comfortable and practical uniform that presented a professional image.  

“Introducing a new scrub uniform was in direct response to our annual Caregiver Survey where caregivers requested a more functional uniform with multiple pockets for essential items, she said.  

“Introducing the scrub uniforms will truly benefit our clinical caregivers and the important work they do every day for our patients and we have already received great feedback from caregivers.”

Vanessa said that while functionality and comfort were key aspects of the change it was important that they supported the patient journey as well.

“The scrub uniforms differentiate our clinical and non-clinical caregivers and we know that this is important to our patients and allows them to correctly identify their clinical team so that they can receive the care they need, said Vanessa.

“Importantly, embroidery will also differentiate the different nursing roles so that patients understand who is supporting them and feel more involved in their care.”

The staged uniform roll-out commenced in October 2021 and will continue until June 2022.