Partnering with people

St John of God Mt Lawley Hospital has partnered with Workpower to provide volunteer placements for people with a disability and help them develop valuable work experience.

28 Jul 2021

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The hospital currently hosts three Workpower volunteers as part of a corporate partnership that has been developed in the last year.

One of these volunteers is Gloria who coordinates the book trolley at the hospital that provides a selection of books personally delivered to patients to entertain them during their hospital stay.

Every Thursday Gloria, and her support coach Emma, fill a trolley with books from the hospital’s library that they take through each of the wards across the 205-bed hospital and drop by each patient’s room.

Volunteer Coordinator, Kerrie James, helped to facilitate the placement and said that the arrangement had been mutually beneficial.

“Our volunteer team are an incredible group of people who enjoy giving back to the community and we are proud to welcome Gloria to the team,” said Kerrie.

“Volunteers like Gloria have a lot to give to a hospital environment where people may be nervous or lonely and our patients really benefit from the personal interaction and the books she provides.

“It has been lovely to see Gloria’s confidence grow each week and hope that the experience she gains at St John of God Mt Lawley Hospital will lead her to bigger and better things.” 

Chief Executive Officer Paul Dyer supported the initiative that provided outreach opportunities to the local community.  

“The partnership with Workpower aligns with our Vision of providing healing, hope and a greater sense of dignity to those most in need, so it made sense to collaborate,” said Paul.

“Hospitals are a significant part of the community that we operate in and it is important that we support members of the community and give them opportunities to thrive.

“Developing a diverse and more inclusive team that reflects the community we serve is one of the ways that we ensure our caregivers and patients feel respected.”  

The hospital plans to continue the partnership with Workpower and provide more placements to those living with disability. 

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