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Consumer engagement

Engaging with the community is important in making sure we reflect the interests of those who stay in or visit our hospital. 

This includes gathering feedback about how we deliver our services, how we measure our care and how we present information.

Our Consumer Reference Group plays an important part in making sure patient and visitor views are represented.

Five members of the community meet every three months. Each member has either been a patient at our hospital in the past, or has visited family or friends here. They provide objective feedback on the information we ask them to review.

We engage with the community representatives on

  • hospital information, posters, publications and brochures to make sure they are easy to read and understand, that these meet the needs of patients and visitors
  • patient safety and quality performance measures
  • service reviews through other hospital committees.

For more information, please contact Dr Gilly Smith, Manager Quality and Risk:

Tel: (08) 9370 9894

Email: gilly.smith@sjog.org.au