Happy Allied Health Professions Day

On October 14, we celebrate Allied Health Professions Day and the valuable services our allied health professionals provide to people in our community.

14 Oct 2021

Representing more than a third of Australia’s health workforce and delivering an estimated 200 million health services annually, allied health workers partner with patients, or clients, and communities to achieve the best health and well-being outcomes possible.

Allied health is a diverse sector. Often working in multidisciplinary teams, allied health professionals can provide early interventions to restore and promote health and well-being, therapeutic interventions after acute illness or injury, and also provide essential ongoing care for people with chronic illnesses, including those experiencing mental illness or disability.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, allied health professionals have been working on the frontline in hospitals and adapting to new methods of service delivery. From the ICU to outpatients and community based services, allied health professionals have played an important role in the physical and mental recovery for patients who have been infected with COVID-19.

Erin Wilson, Director of Allied Health and Outpatient Services at St John of God Midland Public and Private Hospitals, said as an allied health professional myself, coming alongside patients as they work towards their health goals has brought me times of shared joy and sadness, personal growth and some of my proudest achievements.

"All of these experiences have shaped who I am today," she said.

Allied Health Professions Day is a day to recognise all allied health professionals and thank them for the contribution they make to high quality healthcare in Australia.