Community nursing

We provide community nursing to patients who are eligible for Department of Veterans' Affairs services.

 Elderly patient

We offer a range of home nursing and personal care services to members of the veteran community to help you maintain your health or maximise your independence.

We also offer community nursing services to privately-funded (health insurance) or self-funded individuals. Most health funds offer home nursing as part of private health insurance policies.

Our community nursing service

You may have been referred to our community nursing service by your doctor for help with your treatment or personal care. You can also self-refer.

The nursing services we offer through community nursing include:

  • wound care – wound assessment, changing and maintenance of dressings
  • medication management – such as administration of medication, insulin for example
  • nursing assessments – a comprehensive review of your current health needs. If we identify that you need the assistance of other allied health professionals or a doctor we contact them on your behalf.

The personal care services we offer through community nursing include:

  • bathing and showering
  • dressing (including putting on compression stockings)
  • medication assistance – assistance with removing tablets from bottles or blister packs.

Depending on your treatment or care plan you may have visits from nurses, personal care assistants or allied health professionals during your time with us.

Accessing our community nursing service

If a hospital or doctor has referred you to our service they will communicate with us to admit you to our program.

You can also self-refer, however we need confirmation from a general practitioner or hospital that there is a clinical need for our services (DVA specific).

Once you are in our program we work with you to put together your treatment or care plan, with input from your doctor, and allied health professionals if needed.

You will remain in the program until your health or independence has been restored. There is no time limit on this process and we may see you for a short time only, or for several years.