Community care program

Leaving hospital can be challenging and you may feel anxious or overwhelmed about returning to the community. At St John of God Burwood Hospital our community care program can help keep you well after your stay with us.

Planning for your future wellbeing requires ongoing personal commitment to ensure that you reach your desired quality of life. This process started when you were admitted to the hospital and the community care program ensure your progress continues now that you are in the community. 

The community care program at St John of God Burwood Hospital offers support from an experienced mental health nurse who comes to your home to help you as you work towards and maintain overall wellbeing.

Our mental health nurses will also help you engage with your community support system.

The program includes four to six individual sessions with acommunity care nurse supported by a skills-based workbook designed to support you and help you follow through on and reinforce the goals and strategies you set while in hospital.

What to expect

Our community care program is designed to help you:

  • Continue to engage with the skills you have learnt in hospital to assist you to maintain the benefit of these skills
  • Identify any problem areas that can come up following discharge that might need attention
  • Support you to engage with ongoing supports (family and friends), and use resources to assist recovery (including health professionals)
  • Improve awareness of the early warning signs of deterioration and support you to intervene earlier
  • Prevent relapses and provide you with more opportunities to enhance your quality of life.

How to access this program

The program is covered by most private health insurance packages, please contact your health fund for more information. You can access this service after you are discharged from our hospital and you care can occur on a different day to when you attend the outpatient program.