Five tips to improve your emotional wellbeing

Clinical Psychologist Ian Smith shares his five tips for personal strength, growth, and resilience.

23 Mar 2018

1. It’s all a matter of balance

Growth builds on existing strengths. So, first recognise what you already do well and build on that to balance out the more stressful parts of your life.

Make a checklist of the good things in your life no matter how small and then write down how you will use each positive element to support your own growth and balance where you feel vulnerable.

2. Keep yourself physically strong to bolster you emotional resilience

Get enough sleep, eat a heathy diet, keep the alcohol beverages under control, and do some exercise so that you are strong enough to face the world.

Our therapy programs focus on these core elements of wellbeing along with the psychological aspects of care.

3. Be authentic, especially to yourself 

Be authentic, especially to yourself. You can’t build a strong sense of self when you are disguising yourself to others. Even if other people in your life don’t pick the inauthenticity, you will know. So, keep it real.

St John of God Burwood Hospital emotional wellbeing at Easter

4. See yourself as capable

The first step to building psychological resilience is to first see yourself as a capable and competent person, even if you don’t fully believe it to begin with.

Strengthen your belief in yourself by reinforcing your own capability to yourself at every possible opportunity. The power of positive thinking and a focus on quality of life cannot be underestimated.

5. Rewards are important 

We all need motivators to progress towards our goals.

Take time to think about what are constructive, attainable rewards and then set your goals around those achievements. Break your goals down and make your actions straightforward and direct.

Regularly reward yourself through any kind of improvement plan and recognise your achievements as you progress.

Don’t do it alone

Identify your support network and mental health plan ahead of time to ensure you have the support you need as you move forward.

Remember, different people offer different kinds of support, so keep your support network as broad as possible.