Milestones to recovery during our depression program

Clinical Psychologist Ian Smith explains how we work with you to develop your capacity and skills to manage your depression levels, during our three-week depression program.

During our three-week inpatient depression program we work with you in a range of one-on-one and group classes to help you understand depression, and learn and practice management strategies.

You will achieve a number of key milestones during your stay which will help you prepare for discharge and give you confidence to manage your emotions in a range of situations.

St John of God Burwood Hospital depression

Week 1 milestones

Your first week in hospital will focus on developing your understanding of your depression.

You will:

  • Start the depression therapy program.
  • Develop an understanding of your cycle of depression and the cognitive behaviour therapy model.
  • Recognise the negative role of depression on your life.
  • Take active participation in an individualised care plan with the multidisciplinary team, setting personal goals for recovery.

Week 2 milestones

You second week will focus on learning your behaviours, your beliefs and strategies to manage your emotions more effectively.

You will:

  • Learn to set healthy boundaries and communicate assertively
  • Learn to recognise your errors in thinking which feed your depression.
  • Learn to recognise your personal beliefs which feed your depression and your negative thinking patterns.
  • Learn strategies to manage your emotions and reframe your negative thoughts.

Week 3 milestones

During your final week, we will work closely with you to prepare you for discharge from hospital.

You will:

  • Learn to focus on your positive attributes to form a more meaningful life.
  • Complete a mental health recovery and discharge plan.

You may also be able to continue your recovery through a 10-week outpatient program.