Getting your emotions in control

Struggling to control your emotions? Clinical Psychologist Ian Smith describes the Wise Mind program milestones you can expect towards achieving your goal of regulating your emotions.

16 Oct 2017

Intense emotions can be overwhelming. If you are struggling to manage the intensity of your emotions you may benefit from our three-week Wise Mind inpatient program.

The course aims to help you become safer, more comfortable and happier with yourself, by helping you acquire, commit to and use practical skills and strategies to better regulate your emotions.

What to expect

Our program is adapted to meet your needs and recovery goals. Therefore no two patients will have the exact same recovery program, however there are a range of key milestones you can expect during your stay.

St John of God Burwood Hospital mood disorders

Level one

  • Start the Wise Mind therapy program
  • Set goals towards emotional and physical wellbeing based on stabilisation of self

Level two

  • Initiate discharge planning goals
  • Gain insight into emotional regulation through group participation
  • Take active participation in an individualised care plan with the multidisciplinary team

Level three

  • Learn skills to regulate your own emotional reactions and impulses
  • Learn the model of emotional mind versus the reasonable mind
  • Develop insight into your patterns of problem behaviours

Level four

  • Learn new skills of distress tolerance and emotional regulation
  • Complete a mental health recovery and discharge plan

What next?

Once you complete our three-week inpatient program, you may be referred to or choose to continue your recovery through our ongoing outpatient program.

The dialectical behaviour therapy program, run through our Counselling and Therapy Centre, provides this support and skill development to support you to achieve your recovery goals and help you maintain your own happiness.