The nine milestones you will achieve through our Mother and Baby Unit

Seeking help if you are struggling with your emotional wellbeing as a mum can be confronting. Consultant Clinical Psychologist Ian Smith explains how the St John of God Burwood Hospital Mother and Baby Unit can not only help you, but improve your relationship with your baby and help you partner.

Seeking help for your own emotional wellbeing as a new mum is can be tough as it means admitting that you are struggling.

However, it is important to know that caring for your emotional wellbeing will not only help you but will also have significant positive effects on your baby and partner.

What to expect

The aim of the Mother and Baby Unit is to empower you, as a mother, to attain wellness and functional independence. This will give you the confidence to care for your baby.

Our treatment includes addressing biological, psychological, family, social, and spiritual block to wellness, in addition to enhancing mother-craft skills.

St John of God Burwood Hospital mother and baby unit what to expect 

We care for you and your family

Not only do we care for your emotional wellbeing, but we also care for your baby and include your partner in your treatment.

This is particularly important, as research has shown that partners are at risk of experiencing depression and anxiety when their baby is born.

The steps you will take in our program

We take a progressive approach to skills development, whereby you and your care team address the issues on a given level and then move onto the next level.

It is not necessary for the issues to be completely resolved before commencing the next level, as the goal is to improve overall functioning. It is also expected you wellness will continue to improve as you develop the skills over time.

The nine milestones

1. Start the perinatal therapy program

2. Set goals to work towards achieving emotional and physical wellbeing

3. Develop an individualised care plan with the multidisciplinary team

4. Gain a deeper understanding of your personal symptoms and the impact these have on your wellbeing

5. Obtain skills to better manage emotions as they are experienced in the present

6. Obtain skills to regulate your emotions and foster healthier relationships

7. Obtain skills to foster a healthy secure attachment with your baby

8. Establish community support and safety

9. Complete a mental health recovery and discharge plan

Continuing care

On top of our inpatient program, we also offer treatment in our Counselling and Therapy Centre for mums living in the community.

We offer two outpatient groups specifically for mothers:

  • Postnatal Depression group
  • Circle of Security group

These groups help you develop the mental health strength and skills you need to manage your role as a mother, while continuing to care for your child at home.