Celebrating milestones, together

St John of God Bendigo Hospital mother and daughter duo, Janice Osborne and Kahlia Wolsley, have worked a combined two decades at the hospital and love being able to share a workplace.

19 Sep 2022

St John of God Bendigo Hospital mother and daughter duo Janice Osborne and Kahlia Wolsley standing outside  of hospital grounds

In 2012, Coffee Shop Team Leader Janice encouraged Kahlia, who is now a registered nurse, to volunteer at the hospital while completing her nursing studies.

Kahlia said that volunteering experience, coupled with several practical placements, motivated her to apply for the graduate nursing program at St John of God Bendigo Hospital.

“Everyone was so supportive during my volunteering and nursing placements. Caregivers would address me by name and take the time to stop and talk or answer questions,” Kahlia said.

“When applying for my graduate year, I chose St John of God Bendigo Hospital because of the close-knit family feel it had. 

“Ever since my graduate program in 2013, the support I have been provided to further my education and the opportunities I have received to put that education into practice has been a highlight.

“Over the years, I’ve completed an oncology course and a Post Graduate Certificate in Diabetes Education. I’ve had the chance to go on to work in these areas and provide support to other caregivers.”

Similar to Kahlia, Janice said the hospital had a lot to offer every caregiver, which is what has kept her at the hospital for more than 12 years.

“I was first employed here as a coffee shop assistant but stepped into the team leader role when the opportunity arose,” Janice said.

“Every day offers something different for me, I love working with other caregivers and the volunteers. I have been so lucky to work with and meet so many lovely people and have made some beautiful friends.

“It really is such a beautiful hospital and there are always things being done to make the patient experience better.

“The new and refurbished rooms are great and it’s wonderful we have room service for all of our patients now, which means patients can have what they want to eat and when. I’m lucky enough to help out in the kitchen from time to time, which is always a great experience.”

Kahlia said while she loved her job, it was an added bonus that she got to see her mother at work. 

“Regardless of if I have a great or challenging day, Mum is always there to give me a quick hug,” Kahlia said.

Janice shared the same sentiment. 

“How lucky am I to be able to see Kahlia at work and sometimes get to have lunch with her,” Janice said.

“I am so lucky to be a part of the St John of God Bendigo Hospital team.”