Refurbished birth suites offer extra comfort

Women giving birth at St John of God Bendigo Hospital can now experience additional comforts after the hospital's birthing suites were recently refurbished.

21 Mar 2019

St John of God Bendigo Hospital maternity birth suite

21 March 2019 

The three spacious birthing suites offer a homely feel with a TV, day bed for partners, comfortable furniture and spacious ensuite in each.

One suite features a bath for pain relief, and a wall mural created by local photographer and artist Lauren Starr.

St John of God Bendigo Hospital Maternity Unit Manager Mel Oliver said the new suites offered mums a peaceful and modern birthing environment.

"Over the years we have had overwhelming feedback from mums to install a bath for pain relief and we are delighted to now be able to offer this," she said. 

"We really value women’s needs, particularly during the birth of a child. Women should feel comfortable, safe, and secure in the environment they are giving birth in. We believe our new suites offer not only modern comforts but a space where women don’t necessarily feel like they are in a hospital."

The wall mural was a suggestion by the midwifery team, to help provide women get a sense of calm and tranquillity during labour.

"I was honoured to be asked to come up with an art piece for the space," Lauren said.

"I talked to many women about their birth experiences to get an idea of what picture they might want to look at while in labour. Hearing their birth stories was incredibly moving. Common themes that emerged were water, nature, strength, love and overcoming fear.

“I wanted to create something calm for birthing mothers to look at. The mum in the picture has laboured, and is now basking in the joy of her sweet newborn: that's inspiring."

The birthing suites opened on 21 March 2019, and the official opening will be held on Monday 8 April 2019.