Chronic pain management

If you suffer from persisting pain that has lasted over six months, our Community Chronic Pain Management Program can teach you skills and strategies to improve your quality of life and help you function despite the pain.

St John of God Hawkesbury District Health Service Chronic Pain Management Program

Persistent pain can limit and affect your lifestyle. It is common to feel like pain has taken control of parts or even all of your life. This can have a big impact on your emotional health and even lead to anxiety or depression.

The good news is our program can teach you how to overcome the barriers pain imposes on your life, so they are more manageable. Did you know that managing the parts of your life that pain affects could actually help reduce your pain?

About the Program:

The Community Chronic Pain Management program runs for six weeks, and involves a three-hour face-to-face group session each week. Group sizes are limited to ensure each participant gets personalised attention. Follow-up sessions are held post program at 4 and 12 weeks.

The program based on the latest scientific evidence, will help you to build an understanding of pain.

Over the course of the program, our team will teach you skills in:

  • Goal setting and how to successfully achieve these
  • Exercise and building up activities
  • Pacing, relaxation/mindfulness, pain desensitisation
  • Flare-up management, effective problem solving
  • Communication strategies for relationship health

A workbook and list of resources and websites are provided to support you in managing your pain on a daily basis.

How to Join:

Your GP can refer you to this program by filling out and faxing our referral form to our Community Health department on (02) 4560 5713. 

For more information about the program, please contact Physiotherapist Alexander Shaw on (02) 4560 5684 or email: [email protected]