Meet Laura

When searching for job opportunities after taking some time off to have a family, social worker Laura felt that Hawkesbury District Health Service would be a really good fit.

29 Mar 2023

Three and a half years later, Laura knows she made the right decision. 

As a social worker in a hospital setting Laura said that she gets to work across many different wards and assist patients and their families with a range of needs. 

“As a hospital social worker we work with patients and their families through some of the most difficult times in their life,” she said.  

“Whether that is helping a patient deal with a new diagnosis, grief and loss or helping put services in place so that when they leave hospital, they can remain independent in the community. 

“We also assist community members with issues such as homelessness, overcoming drug and alcohol dependence, help with parenting issues, a whole range of things.”

Laura, enjoys the variety in her work and said that unlike social workers in large hospitals who are typically assigned to one ward or department, working at Hawkesbury means working across the whole hospital. 

“We cover all areas of the hospital from the emergency department, surgical ward, medical ward, maternity ward, special care nursery and everything in between,” she said. 

“No two days are the same and we never really know how we are going to be able to help people when coming in to work. 

From Laura’s very first interactions with Hawkesbury caregivers, she knew this was a place she wanted to work. 

“The minute I came here, even with the interview process, everyone was friendly, kind and really just wanted to know me not just as a social worker but as a person.

“So, that’s why I chose to come here. I really enjoy working in such a supportive environment.

“Being a smaller community hospital we are a close knit team. We get to know each other professionally and personally.

“I love working with all the different services that we have here. From the allied health team, the doctors, the nurse unit managers, the nurses, the cleaners, we all say hello to each other in the mornings. It’s a great place to come to work and you feel like you’re part of a big team.

“There’s also no road tolls and the parking is free, which is always a bonus.”

For anyone thinking of joining us, Laura’s advice is to do it. 

“If you are thinking about joining us, please come have a chat. Come join our team, we would love to see you here”.

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