A special Easter surprise for staff at Hawkesbury District Health Service

The Easter bunny hopped into Hawkesbury District Health Service with a very special delivery of chocolate Easter bunnies from the Lindt chocolate warehouse at Marsden Park, NSW. The surprise package was a welcome arrival for staff at the hospital who continue working on the front line in the war against the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in the community.
Special delivery of chocolate Easter bunnies for staff at HDHSMakers of the well-known ‘chocolate gold bunny’ Lindt & Sprungli CEO Michael Schai, said the token was a way to show gratitude, cheer the staff up before Easter and ensure that the smiles keep going.

“All of us here at Lindt & Sprungli can’t thank you enough for the contributions you all are providing to the community in these unprecedented times and challenging environment,” Michael Schai said in a statement addressed to all hospital staff.

“A big thank you on behalf of all of us. Keep up the great efforts,” he wrote.

Hawkesbury District Health Service Chief Executive Officer Strephon Billinghurst said the hospital staff were delighted with the delivery.

“Our staff are working tirelessly under challenging conditions to ensure that we continue to provide compassionate patient care with patient, visitor and staff safety remaining a high priority,” he said.

“The Easter chocolate ‘care pack’ provided some welcome relief for our staff who have been putting in a tremendous effort.”

“We greatly appreciate the support and acknowledgement from our local community and thank Lindt & Sprungli for their thoughtfulness during this time.”

Hawkesbury District Health Service’s staff look forward to some Easter joy, sharing in the delights of the famous ‘chocolate gold bunnies’.

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