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At Hawkesbury District Health Service we strive to provide quality care at all times.

We welcome feedback from patients and community partners as it helps us to improve our service delivery.

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve the services we offer, or have a complaint regarding the service that you have received please let us know.

How to share feedback

  • Talk to your caregiver or a more senior caregiver
  • Talk to our Quality and Development Department
  • Ask a caregiver for a feedback form to complete
  • You can also complete the online form below. 

Details to include:

To make sure we can follow up on your feedback in the correct manner we ask that you to provide some specific details. Examples to include:

  • what occurred and when, with dates and times if possible and the people involved
  • what outcome you would like to see as a result of sharing your feedback
  • if you are happy to be contacted about your feedback, please provide your contact details.

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