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Consumer engagement

Hawkesbury District Health Service has a unique link with our community through our Community Board of Advice. The Community Board of Advice provides the community with ongoing involvement in our services.

As part of our commitment to community involvement in the provision of health services, the Community Board of Advice represents the interests of the community to the management and Board of Directors of Hawkesbury District Health Service.

This is achieved through:

  • advocacy and representation
  • monitoring quality and standards
  • identifying community needs
  • informing the community
  • involvement in planning services and policy development.

The Community Board of Advice has been operating for more than 20 years and comprises of nine community representatives; the Chief Executive Officer of Hawkesbury District Health Service; a representative from the facility’s Medical Staff Council; and a facility caregiver.

Some of these duties include:

  • participation in hospital committees
  • networking with other similar boards to identify community needs
  • participation in the continual improvement of processes
  • attendance at community group meetings
  • liaising with key community groups and ensure they are known in the community.

Current Board Members

  • Barry Adams, Chairman
  • Bryan Smith, Vice-Chairman
  • Vivienne Beggs
  • Peter Gooley
  • Brenda Harrold
  • Jenny Gilder
  • Sarah Richardson
  • Arthur Rutter
  • Andrew Turtle
  • Vicki Thom, HDHS Caregiver Representative
  • Dr Elizabeth Tompsett, HDHS Medical Representative
  • Strephon Billinghurst, Chief Executive Officer

Joining the Community Board of Advice

For further information on how to become a Community Board of Advice member, please contact:

Mr Barry Adams
Community Board of Advice Chairman
Tel: (02) 4560 5714
Mob: 0437 875 583
Email: cboa@sjog.org.au