Supporting Makayla to join the Force

After only four months living at St John of God Horizon House in Geraldton, 17-year-old Makayla has achieved her life-long goal and moved to Canberra to join the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

20 Apr 2021

“Applying for and being accepted into the ADF is one of my proudest achievements and was a very long process,” Makayla said. 

“The support workers at Horizon House encouraged me every step of the way and were just as excited as I was when I received my acceptance. 

“They helped me with any problems I faced whilst undertaking this new journey and really gave me the confidence and security I needed to pursue my dream.” Horizon House client Makayla

Makayla moved into Horizon House Geraldton in March 2020 to escape an abusive and unsafe home life. 

She is one of the 167 young people that the Program supported during the 2019-20 financial year. 

In addition to giving young people who are at risk of homelessness a safe, stable place to call home, Horizon House provides a life skills program that teaches residents essential skills such as cooking, cleaning and personal budgeting that they will need in order to live independently. 

“Horizon prepared me so well for my future with the things we aren’t taught in school such as how to do chores, budgeting, and just general advice,” Makayla said. 

“The program is amazing for getting any individual prepared for the future and they do this in a way that gives you your independence whilst always being there if a helping hand is needed.” 

Last financial year, Horizon House supported 30 young people to make the transition to independent living. 

Makayla has now graduated high school and credits the staff at Horizon House for helping her to stay motivated. 

“Most importantly, Horizon House has given me a beautiful, caring family comprised of both the staff and residents, as well as giving me a place to call home,” Makayla said. 

“That’s what Horizon House truly is – a home.”

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