Most popular baby boys names in 2020

The most popular names for baby boys born at our maternity hospitals across Australia have been revealed.

4 Jan 2021

Most popular boys names at St John of God maternity hospitals in 2020

2020 saw the return of Oliver to the top spot, followed in second by 2019's most popular boys name, Jack.

Oliver and Jack have held the top two boys names in St John of God maternity hospitals for three consecutive years, swapping the title year to year. Oliver held number one and two spots in 2018 and 2019 respectively, with Jack claiming the opposite.

Four new names appeared on our top 10 list this year including Theodore, Leo, Liam and James.  

2020 position Name 2019 position
 1  Oliver  ↑ 1
 2  Jack  ↓ 1
 3  Henry  ↑ 2
 4  Theodore  New
 5  Leo  New
 6  Oscar  ↑ 4
 7  William  ↑ 1
8  Liam  New
9  Noah  ↓ 3
10  James  New

Each year, we welcome thousands of babies into the world. Our baby name list provides a snapshot of the most popular names for boys born for the last year across WA, NSW and Victoria.

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