Perth mum encourages parents to seek help early on

This PANDA Week, Perth mother Tye hopes to encourage parents in need of emotional support to reach out for help early on by sharing her personal experience.

11 Nov 2020

It wasn’t until a year after the birth of her first born that Tye sought help for her emotional wellbeing, but looking back she wishes she had reached out sooner. Mother Tye Bush

Tye, originally from the United States of America, visited her GP in need of support after an incident that left her realising she needed to take action and help herself. 

“In an extremely low moment, I took too many pills. It was a scary realisation knowing it was the last straw and that I needed help; I wanted to get myself to a better place,” said Tye. 

“I made an appointment to see my GP, and it was after completing the Edinburgh Scale assessment and hearing my story, that he referred me to Raphael Services. At the time I didn’t realise how life-changing the next chapter of my life would be.” 

Tye says that she had experienced anxiety and depression since she was a young teenager, but that pregnancy and becoming a parent put an added strain on her mental health. 

“Being pregnant and having a baby in Australia was a challenge for me and my partner. Neither of us have family here. We were lacking the support we needed and were struggling to adapt to parenting in that first year,” she said. 

“When COVID and the restrictions that became part of the pandemic entered our lives earlier this year, the pressure grew and I started feeling even more anxious and so distant from my family overseas.” 

While the first session may have seemed overwhelming, Tye says that the support, advice and counsel provided by Raphael Services has changed her life. 

“I found my first session really emotional. I didn’t know where to start in unpacking all of my feelings,” she said. 

“However, my clinician made me feel so comfortable and accepted, I never felt judged and was able to open up about my emotions and experiences. 

“I steadily felt more confident, validated and motivated to make changes in my life and my family’s life. After each session I would leave feeling refreshed and empowered.” 

Since completing her treatment, Tye says she feels revitalised as a mother, partner and as a daughter. 

Raphael Services helped me to see how I am a supportive and loving parent. I learnt how to acknowledge and respect my relationship with my partner and to have the confidence to establish my own style as a parent – taking some of the things I have learnt from my upbringing,” she said. 

Wishing she had reached out for support early on, Tye encourages parents who might be in need of help during pregnancy or after birth to visit their GP and see what options are available to them. 

“I wish I had asked for help sooner, much before I tried to hurt myself. I think the pressure of parenting is real and it’s easy to forget about caring for yourself as well as your new baby,” she said. 

“My advice to other parents is to recognise the importance of your own health and wellbeing. In order to be a good parent and care for your children you need to first take care of yourself. 

“I was in a really bad place, but Raphael Services helped me turn myself around and get back to the happy and confident person I used to be. I’m so grateful to have been able to access such amazing support at no cost, and I’ll be forever grateful to my clinician for the impact she has had on me and my family.”

For more information about the service, including how to make a referral, please contact:
St John of God Raphael Services
Tel: 1800 292 292