Pastoral practitioners lead the agenda

Three St John of God Health Care pastoral practitioners are presenting their research, findings and practices in trauma care and hospital inpatient care at an upcoming conference.

St John of God Health Care pastoral practitioners 

6 June 2019

The three, Suranga Amaratunga, Ian Maynard (who is presenting alongside post-traumatic stress disorder expert Professor Zachary Steel), and Karen Rolfe, are presenting their work at the Spiritual Care Australia Conference.

St John of God Health Care Pastoral Services Group Manager Eleanor Roderick said the conference provided a great platform to showcase and share our research and best-practice initiatives to those working in the field.

“We have a strong commitment to delivering a contemporary model of Pastoral services in our hospitals and community services, and our research in the field is key way we are able to do this,” she said.

“Our work in trauma research in particular is helping to drive understanding of how pastoral practitioners can help those affected by trauma in general hospitals and in mental health hospitals, while maintaining their own emotional wellbeing.

“I am excited that we have three practitioners sharing their knowledge and demonstrating our leadership at this upcoming conference.”


Suranga Amaratunga, St John of God Subiaco Hospital Pastoral Services Manager: Trauma-informed pastoral care

Providing an insight into the inner world of those impacted by complex trauma and its implications for spiritual care practices.

Ian Maynard, St John of God Richmond Hospital Pastoral Services Coordinator and Professor Zachary Steel, St John of God Professorial Chair of Trauma and Mental Health: After the event the soul is wounded - Moral injury, post-traumatic stress disorder and spirituality

Providing an overview of the connection between moral injury, post-traumatic stress disorder and spirituality and introducing the audience to the St John of God Richmond Hospital trauma group PTSD and spirituality.

Karen Rolfe, St John of God Berwick Hospital Pastoral Services Coordinator: The G(od) word: Bridging the divide between spiritual/pastoral care and social work

Presenting on the similarities and differences between pastoral care and social work, and discussion about the difficulties and value of collaboration.

Find out more about the conference and presentations on the Spiritual Care Australia website.